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Content isn't Performing

Why your content isn’t working

Why your content isn’t working

For many brands and retailers, there is a growing concern that despite their content investments over the last few years, their content isn’t working as hard as it should.

These are some of the frustrations our clients have had:

  • Channel performance is declining
  • Shoppers aren’t engaging with content
  • Content demands growing and putting pressure on budgets
  • Inconsistent content & customer experience across the shopping journey

Re-focus on your brand and your customer needs

If your content isn’t working, the first steps to take are to re-focus on your brand and your customers.

Brand Relationships

Brand has always been about look and feel and tone of voice. But that won’t cut it from a content point of view. You have to approach brand in a new and different way:

  • You have to find its voice and personality
  • You need to create a role for it in your customers lives
  • You have to define behaviours that showcase your expertise and authority in your field and gives you credibility
  • You have to know how to effectively integrate your products and services into your content to drive sales

This is about following a process that will transform your brand strategy from being aesthetic-driven to being relationship-driven.

Content is simply a way to build and maintain a dialogue with your customers, so they trust you and your products, have the confidence to buy from you and want to build a long-term relationship with you.

You then have to adapt and tailor this approach to create content that is optimised to site, social and marketing communications.

Customer Focus

If you want powerful content, then it has to be rooted in the needs of your target customers. If its not relevant to customer shopping missions, then it won’t engages shoppers or provides real value to them. If content isn’t answering customer questions, reassuring them, or providing them with reasons why you are the right brand to buy from, then it won’t drive purchase.

Your content can’t address customer needs if you aren’t clear on their perceptions of your brand (or product or service). You also need to understand how shoppers needs change across the customer journey and across channel.  This is critical information and feeds directly into your content strategy, planning and production.

Channel Performance

If your content isn’t working, chances are you’re not optimising your content for each channel.  Quite simply, if you don’t set clear performance metrics, you won’t get the results you want.

All content should be planned and produced to perform against specific metrics, for example:

  • Improving customer engagement
  • Increasing reach of target audience
  • Driving traffic from social to top of funnel
  • Increasing product page conversion
  • Reducing returns
  • Building brand advocates
  • Creating loyal customers and repeat purchase

If you’re not incorporating testing programmes into your channel strategies, you’re not going to learn what works and what doesn’t, and will have no data to inform you about what type of messages, images and formats you need to create from the production process.

Work with the content experts at Soap

Soap is a content planning and production agency. We plan and produce content that works harder for our clients.

If you’re content isn’t working how you want it to, we can help. Just drop us a line for more information. Tim@soapstudios.co.uk


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