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Location video production crew

The Location Crew

Meet the team who worked with us on our recent location video production.

This was a logistically demanding shoot, much of it shot outside in the best of winter weather, and these guys worked incredibly hard every day. Their expertise and attitude meant we nailed the brief and got even more out of the shoot than we had planned.

Once we’d wrapped up the filming and I’d finally warmed up again, reflecting on the shoot got me thinking about what makes a great production.

There is a formula to achieve great location video production and shoots, and this is what I’ve taken from this project.

Pre-shoot planning

There has to be a solid, commercial reason for every image and every video frame. We knew where every piece of content sat in the customer journey and the story behind it. This meant the team knew what every image or video needed to achieve.

Costing & accountability

There’s no such thing as too much detail in a quote.

Productivity on the day

As much as you pre-plan a shoot, there is still room for innovation on the day. This doesn’t mean deviating from the brief. It means seizing every opportunity the location gives you to create content that will help the [client’s] customer understand the product and the sales process.
In the case of video, it also means paying close attention to every detail to make sure the final product is engaging to watch.

Getting more from the shoot

The net result of all of the above meant we got so much more content from the shoot. Everything we agreed up front, plus more. Extras that will be put to great use in our content hungry times.

Team Credits & Links

A huge thanks to these guys who worked with us throughout this location video production. To find out more about them, please follow the links to their site.

Photographer – Dave Ward

Videographer – Gareth Bowler

Stylist – Beck Hanson

Assistant – Emily Jade Hagan 

Our amazing clients Chris and Dan had their sleeves well and truly rolled up and we couldn’t have done it without them.

Just two out of our many models shown here. Thanks to Michael Hagen and Poonam Agarwal (PHA) who were featuring when we squeezed in this team shot.

Location Video Production Enquiries

If you’d like to speak to us about your next video production, please contact Tim@soapstudios.co.uk





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