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The secret to making social campaigns work harder

Two important questions for social campaigns:

Do traditional  brand ads work in social campaigns?

What content do you need to build for social channels to make them work harder?

Get the answers here

We answer these questions in this short (10 mins) video, using a case study from the recent Harveys Furniture campaign with Louise Rednapp.

Social Campaigns

Harvey’s Furniture Social Campaigns Audit

Video Overview

This video presentation evaluates the following:

  • The content that Harveys used across organic social
  • Engagement levels with social audiences
  • The consistency of content across the site experience
  • The gaps in the Harveys content model

The Social Engagement Cycle

We evaluated Harvey’s content, so we can clearly explain the way that brands need to engage with social audiences.

There are 6 key engagement stages, and each stages has distinct content requirements.

Advertisers should start to adopt this planning process, because it is a great tool for defining content roles briefs.

Being aware of different production values is also vital to this process, because this is the key to achieving a range of content styles that fully engage the customer.

Social Content Planning Support from Soap

If you want help with your social content planning please contact gabrielle@soapstudios.co.uk

We also offer training to in-house content planning teams.






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