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Social Media Content

Social Media Content Planning

An insight into our social media content planning process

There are few established rules when it comes to social media content planning. At Soap Studios we follow a structured planning process which carefully questions what we are doing and why, because then we create clearer content structures. This approach also builds more integrity into the briefing process. We put a big focus on this, because it directly impacts the quality of content that we produce.

The image we’ve used here, shows one of the frameworks we use in a typical planning session. Where possible, we do this planning with our clients, because collaboration builds more collective knowledge across the teams.

Many clients tell us that their social content has simply evolved to where it is today. However usually, they have reached a point where they want to drive it more proactively. When a client wants more clarity for their social media content, we kick off start with in-depth planning sessions.

The best way to approach this is from the customer perspective. So,we focus on identifying the customer impact we want to achieve. We start by classifying the stages that social audiences move through, because then we can identify the content and messages for each stage.

Social Customer Lifecycle

So now, let’s have a look at the customer lifecycle stages we have identified. They follow similar principles to customer journeys. The difference here however, is that we also follow a process that gives us unique insights into the content types we need in the social space.

Awareness of brand

This is the numbers part of the strategy. At its simplest, its about getting the brand (and content) in front of as many people as possible. However, awareness is only a small indicator of success for social media content strategies. Like ad campaigns, awareness can be bought in any channel. Social audiences are more savvy than that, so we have to look beyond the big numbers.

Understanding range and product

Many advertisers are upgrading their approach to social media, to improve understanding of how it can drive sales. When this is the case, then part of your strategy has to focus on making sure audiences understand your products and services. Integrating product information into content isn’t too contentious, because social media users accept advertisers place product in content. Again, you have to look beyond simple product placement. The question you should be asking at this stage is, “Does this content give the shopper really good reasons to buy from you, rather than another supplier?”

Accepting product credibility

A shopper will buy your product when you’ve managed to persuade them that it’s a credible option. So we have another clear role for content – to build credibility. What is your unique story? Why should a customer choose you? What’s the most powerful and engaging way to tell it?

Engaging with your brand

Social channels are where brands mingle with audiences. Shoppers will engage with you if you find a way to initiate a positive conversation. (A passive approach will attract negative engagement which is often seen in social comments). This should form a distinct part of a content strategy, because the customer insights that can be generated from social conversations are highly valuable.

Brand advocates

Moving customers through these stages gets them to a point where they are ready and happy to buy from you. If the purchase and delivery process is good, and you’ve implemented the right follow up activity, you’ll create brand advocates.

Better Planning = Better Social Media Content 

The outputs from this process are very valuable to the organisation:

  • A clearly defined content strategy that can be shared across all company stakeholders
  • Improved content performance evaluation
  • More detailed and specific briefing process
  • More efficient content production process
  • Better QC for content production

Social Media Content Planning Workshops

Give your team time out from the day to day to bring more clarity to your social media content. These workshops are very practical and designed to leave you with a clear content strategy, rationale and brief.

For more information email tim@soapstudios.co.uk

Webinar Registration

We go into this in more detail in our live webinar on November 9that 1pm GMT.

You can sign up here


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