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Social Media Content Workshops

Social Media Content Planning Workshops

How to nail social content planning and production.

Social channels will continue to take a bigger role into 2019 and beyond.

We’re constantly researching effective content solutions, so we’ve developed a set of bespoke planning and production models which we offer to our clients.

These models solve the content pain points that many advertisers share, and we’ve now made these available to advertisers through a facilitated workshop.

Extending campaigns

The planning models that we use in our workshops have been developed through the work we’ve done with our clients.

More advertisers want to approach campaigns differently, because they want to customers a more consistent, multi-channel experience.

These campaigns are developed to do the following:

  • Integrate campaign content into the site based customer journey
  • Adapt campaign to work in email comms
  • Extend campaigns into social channels

We’ve developed our content planning models and workshops, so that we can help clients improve the way they plan campaigns and content, to integrate seamlessly into all channels and platforms.

The workshop also addresses a number of content pain points that we’ve experienced over the years.

Common content pain points

Delivering marketing objectives with social content

Social teams tell us that it’s very difficult to have real clarity about how content is supporting the brand proposition and marketing objectives. It’s hard for them to tackle this whilst they deal with the constant pressure of creating and sourcing content.

Despite this, they agree that they want all content content to deliver their commercial objectives consistently. So how can this be achieved?

Maintaining audience engagement across social campaigns

Engagement levels fall off quickly across social campaigns, as a result of too much message repetition. Despite this, advertisers still face pressure to keep up the frequency of postings, and ensure their social budgets are working hard.

What tactics can be used to maintain message frequency and keep engagement levels high?

Driving commerce with content

Many social teams still don’t have a handle on the commercial impact of their social media. Getting clear ROIs for social content can be difficult and complex. There is a big opportunity drive content KPIs harder. The secret is knowing how to employ different creative styles and formats that move social audiences along the buying cycle.

What are the different styles of content advertisers can use, and how do they work differently to maintain engagement and drive site traffic and sales?

Defining content frameworks to scale content

Many of the teams we work with want to scale their content production. The way achieve this is by defining your own content frameworks which can be repeated to support promotional calendars. Naturally, this also streamlines the full briefing, planning and production process.

What are the components of scalable content frameworks?

Getting value from production budgets

We’re all feeling pressure of producing more content and stretching production budgets. Not only do advertisers need more content, but it needs to meet the demands of different social channels.

How can social teams improve pre-production planning to maximise asset volumes and ensure content is optimised for each social channel?

Half Day Social Content Workshops

Our social content planning workshops equip your teams with a comprehensive template to define a social content strategy.

It provides a set of social content strategy models and planning processes, and case study examples. With a grounding in these frameworks, your team will evaluate their current social content, and brainstorm ways to improve it.

Social content workshop outputs:

By the end of the session your team will:

  • Have a comprehensive model of a social content strategy
  • Evaluate current social content and  identify clear steps to improve it
  • Understand the variety of content types and formats which drive the customer buying cycle
  • Be able to identify the components of a content framework
  • Know how to get more value from production budgets

More information

For more information about booking a social content workshop for your team, please contact Gabrielle@soapstudios.co.uk

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