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Social Media Content Production

Social Media Content Planning & Production

The Soap Guide to Great Social Media Content

Social media is so content hungry, it’s an ongoing challenge to maintain a constant stream of effective content. It’s also hard to keep an eye on the bigger picture; your social media content strategy.

This has come up a few times with our clients recently, so we’ve put together a guide to help you take a fresh look at your social content.

Be Human

Social media is a place where you can put campaigns and promote your products and services and there are a number of ways that you can do that. However, it’s important to keep the human aspect present. For example, it’s easy to default to the type of corporate language you use in the office, rather than use the same vocabulary as your followers.

Break stories into smaller stories

We’ve all got a lot we want to say about our own businesses. The temptation is to say too much at once. Re-examine your stories and campaign messages, and break them into smaller chunks. This is ideal for social media, because it helps you create more content, so you can keep that frequency going.

Tailor messages to audience segments

Similar to the previous point, break a story or campaign down and tailor it to a broader set of individual audience segments. Again, this helps build the frequency, and you’re messaging becomes more relevant and less generic.

Find low-cost, high-value production concepts

Frequency is great for maintaining and building engagement, but will impact costs if you’re not careful. The production methods and shoots can be planned around this, to give you re-usable assets and to create more flexibility to produce a wider range of asset types, cost effectively.

Don’t create content dead-ends

Where does your content take the user? What are the calls to action? How is it fitting into the customer journey? Plan your content around driving action and moving customers towards your sites and products.

Social Media Content Planning Webinar

Join us for a more in-depth discussion about planning social content at our webinar, on Thursday 11thOctober at 1pm BST.

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