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Integrating campaign content into social channels

The New Rules for Campaign Content

How well the does the new campaign content for Harvey’s Furniture and Louise Rednapp works across social channels and the Harvey’s website?

From campaign content to social and website 

There are new rules emerging for campaign content and they centre on finding creative approaches that deliver real engagement with audiences and drive new customers to the site.

This Harvey’s campaign has had a big budget behind it and featured a celebrity. Perfect social media fodder! So, we’ve taken a look at how this campaign extended into social channels and into the website.

We wanted to get insights into the way campaign content was used in social channels. We also wanted to look at the reaction it got from those social audiences.

Big campaigns are commonly incorporated into websites. So we looked into how the campaign was played out across the customer journey, and how the story was developed.

Facebook & Instagram activity

This chart shows the campaign content that was posted to their Facebook feed.

Campaign content on social media - Facebook

Given the follower size, engagement is low.  Comments were mostly negative and related to delivery and product issues. It would appear that people see posts and are angered by the implied perfection and the reality of their experiences.

Whilst this is typical behaviour on social media, it’s worth looking more closely at the content in the posts themselves. They have little value to the follower and are just advertising. There’s no tone of voice or real story behind them and they certainly don’t add anything to the TV and brand activity.

Social is an advertising channel, or certainly used as one. But consumers expect a different relationship with brands in these environments.

Rapid engagement decline

Campaign Content Chart - Facebook

When we plot the engagement metrics into a chart, we see how quickly engagement falls

Content that ads little value to the viewer across a campaign won’t build positive engagement. If Harvey’s want to create a longer tail of interest on Facebook, then they’ll need to look at how they can adapt their content to retain interest and bring something new with each post.

Smaller Instagram audience, but more content

Harvey’s posted more content onto their Instagram feed, despite having a much smaller audience on this channel: 4.6K followers vs 36K on Facebook.

Campaign Content on Social Media - Instagram

Engagement is higher and much more positive on Instagram.  Content is completely different to Facebook, and includes a teaser campaign which counts down to the launch. 

A missed opportunity to develop the story

Most content is taken from the TV ad and a longer ‘behind the scenes’ video.

This is now common practice. Agencies create shorter edits from campaigns for use these across site and social channels. This gives their clients good value, but is it effective?

If we judge the campaign and social content on their production values, they score highly. However, when we break the content down, we find that the story is very narrow and becomes shallow and repetitive.

Too much focus on the celebrity, not enough on the consumer

We tracked the content across the site and the imagery from the shoot is present across the customer journey, which is good and ties in well to the campaign.

However, the campaign and all content that comes from, it focuses intently on the celebrity collaboration. The result of this detracts from the other storytelling opportunities that support the product. More alarmingly, Harvey’s haven’t paid enough attention to the customer shopping journey. They haven’t considered how they translate the campaign into content that will make sure shoppers understand the range and the products. They haven’t checked the consistency of the story to the point of purchase; the product page.

Campaign vs product

To illustrate this last point we’ve compared the way the product is shown on the PDP with the campaign shots:

Campaign content vs product images

The campaign story, and the intended message of the quality and design of the range has evaporated by the time the shopper gets to the product page. Images are poor quality CGI and there are minimal views offered.

This will impact conversion as customers struggle to reconcile the product image with glossy advertising they’ve fallen for.

What’s the solution?

If advertisers want to leverage their social channels, they need to employ more creativity than just repurposing brand advertising into multiple edits.

To get more value from the campaign, it’s also important to consider the site-based customer journey, and check the story is complete and that they are giving customers the right information at the right time.

A more engaging approach

Soap Studios can help you create campaigns that translate into effective and engaging social content, and can support you by identifying the content that you need to deliver a seamless digital shopping experience.

To bring this to life in more detail, we can explain our recommendations for this case study in more detail, so you can see how we close the content gaps.

To arrange a call, please email Tim@soapstudios.co.uk

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