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Increasing conversion with product video

Increase product conversion with video

The way you structure your product videos improves the way they convert on the page, making them more effective.

Today, customers have so much choice about what to buy.

Consider this, when customers are browsing they are trying to choose the best product option for their needs. When your video isn’t designed to make the decision-making process better, you risk losing the sale to a competitor who has given the shopper more compelling content.

So, to put it simply, your video’s job is to make the process of choosing as easy as possible. Optimising product videos is one way to increase product conversion.

For this reason, your product videos should follow the same format, so they can be viewed sequentially by shoppers.

The thinking behind this is that is makes it easer and faster for shoppers to understand the difference between products and it provides information that clearly demonstrates how the product solves the customers problem.

Your video should be structured like this:

Make immediate impact

Make it immediately clear what the shopper is going to learn from this video to hook them in.

Don’t waste those precious early seconds on showing them a logo or other content that gives them no value at that point in their shopping mission.

Make it about them first

Your goal is to help people decide if this product is for them or not. They will be more receptive to more generic information once they have establish this.

Start by explaining who it is good for and what problems it solves.

Explain features and benefits clearly

Stay away from jargon. Instead us language and images that help them understand and visualise the experience of using the product.

Put it into context

Show the product in its correct context or setting brings it to life, and helps shoppers visualise it better. Consider how you show scale, proportion and use.


Video thumbnails. Make sure the video thumbnails that you use on the page are completely different to the product images that are already there. This signals to the shopper that the video contains new and different information, and encourages them to view it.

Learn more about this by watching our video here

We’ve created product videos for many brands and retailers, including Argos, VAX, B&Q and many more, so we know how to give your customers the best digital experience of your products to increase product conversion. For more information please email gabrielle@soapstudios.co.uk

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