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Social Engagement Webinar

Improving social engagement with content

How well are your social posts engaging with your audiences?

A lot of social content doesn’t engage with audiences at all, or worse, it attracts really negative comments.

But some brands are getting this right.

Webinar: Improving social engagement with content

The best way to do this is to look at the content that advertisers are posting, and we’re doing exactly this in our webinar next week

We take a close look the social content of a selection of retailers, who are achieving various levels of success with their social media. This will identify which content gets the best engagement, and provide insights into how you can replicate it.

The webinar is live and we’re comparing content that is being posted by disrupter brands Casper, Simba, Eve & Emma, with the content posted by more established brands, Silentnight, Dreams and Bensons.

We’ll highlight the posts that are getting the best engagement, and explain the differences between the images that are performing well, and the images that perform poorly.

We’ll provide a clear set of steps you can take to improve the engagement of your own images and video.

Dates & Registration

Thursday 22nd February, 12pm GMT

The session is live and will last approx 30 minutes with time for Q&A

To register, click here



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