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Improving online product experience

Improving online product experience – The new focus for customer centric retailers

Giving customers the best online product experience is the new focus for customer-centric retailers and is driving content strategies and asset production.

The concept of customer experience has been around for some time, but the attention is starting to shift towards improving customers’ online product experience to give site performance a bigger boost.

Focusing on customer online product experience means that customers are given a better understanding of the products they are searching, and makes sure that key attributes of a product or garment are clearly shown. But it can go further than this and position the product in such a way visually, that it builds greater desire to create a stronger sell – particularly important for high-end ranges that need to justify their higher price points and differentiate themselves from their lower-priced counterparts

What drives the higher conversion rates?

The higher conversion rates come from the following:

  • Greater customer confidence to make the online purchase
  • Enhanced trust in the retailer for the product accuracy
  • Better justification of price level and value for money
  • A more engaging site experience that encourages shoppers come back after browsing

Product images and video are the major component of a product experience and the most immediate, so the key means of creating a better product experience for customers lies with an improved image strategy.

A data-driven approach vs a creative-driven approach

The impact of different product experiences can and should be measured so the most efficient content sequences can be produced and content ROI can be maximised.

This process turns what is traditionally a creative-driven process into one driven by data, and this mindset change produces assets (the product images) that are more effective as a customer buying tool as a result.

Achieving this requires a structured, strategic approach through a sound test process to ensure valid learnings are established for roll-out across ranges and categories.

What about the photography budgets?

A big barrier to changes to photography is concern over the impact on photography budgets. But this shouldn’t be a factor.

This approach changes the planning process first and foremost, and in doing this, the photography production aspect can be more tightly managed so that any implication on costs are fully controlled.

There are many inefficiencies within the photography production process that drive costs up, so combining the product experience focus with greater attention to the production process is likely to create a cost neutral position, or even generate some savings.

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