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Disruptive content to make budgets work harder

Punch above your weight in social channels with disruptive content

Many brands are lagging behind in their markets when it comes to social content.

Perhaps social has just evolved without a clear strategy, being treated as the place where all images are posted as a default. Or the business has had other focuses like re-platforming or improve the site experience.

When an advertiser moves into a new environment, there’s often some trepidation. How’s this going to work? What are the risks? How do we minimise those risks?

Disruptive content delivers ambitious targets

A common marketing brief is based on a request to make a modest social budget punch above its weight. This request can be justified by asking for concepts that ‘disrupt the market.’

And with good reason.

By using disruptive content the brand is more likely to cut through and stand out from the competition, thus achieving the ambitious targets of the brief.

So, is this really achievable?

It certainly is.

But if you truly want disruptive content, you have to be prepared to behave completely differently to the rest of the market and your main competitors.

Standing out from the crowd

The reality is that most brands and advertisers behave in the same way.

Many years ago, I won a pitch to produce location shots for a major retailer. The pitch strategy was to simply present their existing photography alongside the photography all their competition were using.

Every single retailer was using the same formula to create their images.

Because I called this out so explicitly and was able to present them with an alternative concept which they could own, I won the work.

Disruption means challenging the status quo

Disruptive content simply means challenging the status quo.

If your brand truly wants to stand out from the crowd, then you have to follow a creative process that dismantles existing content norms.

Only by doing this, will you identify a new content model for your brand that will support ambitious commercial requirements.

Taking this approach guarantees that you will stand out from the crowd.

As long as your content has been also been constructed to be relevant to your customers’ needs and educates them about your products, you can expect your budget to punch above its weight.

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