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Beds & Mattresses Social Content Report

A constant supply of images and video are vital to keep social feeds alive to build audiences and drive traffic to websites and product pages.

But which advertisers have really figured out their image & video strategies?

To answer this question, we audited a sector which has attracted a lot of interest over the past few years. Mattress and bed retailers.

New brands like Simba and Eve have come from nowhere and have completely disrupted this market place.  There impact has been so profound that today, over 50% of mattress buyers shop online.

This is an incredible achievement, because comfort is the biggest purchase criteria in the mattress category.

We wanted to understand more.

How do these disruptor brands behave in social media?

And as digital natives, does their content differ from the traditional brands?

These are important questions to ask, because they give us better insights into the way images and video build audiences and drive sales.

Who we audited:

We audited the most well-known of the newer mattress brands. SimbaEve, Casper and Emma alongside established mattress and bed brands Silentnight, Dreams and Bensons.

Mattress & Beds Content

The audit evaluation criteria

We built a set of evaluation criteria, based on important factors that social images and video need to address. Each retailer’s Instagram and Facebook content was evaluated for each of the following:

Brand vs influencer content

How much content is the brand creating and posting itself and how much of their feed is reposted influencer content?

We looked at this because different mixes dramatically affect the look and feel of the content feed, and its engagement.

Own brand content identity

Does the own brand content have a clear identity, and how has this been achieved?

Creating a clear identity is important to consider, because it creates standout from the market.

Product treatment

How is the product shown in the own brand content?

We looked at this, because every brand is active in social for commercial reasons. So, it’s important to have clarity about what is being sold and to see the different methods advertisers are using.

Audience engagement tactics

How much positive engagement are brands getting and how is content influencing this?

Brands want audiences to engage with their content, simply because it increases reach. Besides this, it provides valuable insights into target consumers.


What copy style is being used with the images and video in posts, and how does this position the brand?

Copy can change a post from salesy to conversational, formal to personable. This nuance makes it an important element of the brand’s content.


How regularly are brands creating new content and what role does it play?

Links to blog

Are brand posting content that links to their site blog, and does this improve engagement?

Links to landing pages

How frequently do brands link their social posts to their product landing pages?

Highlights from the Audit

The full report evaluates each brand against all of the above criteria.

Interestingly, the findings were not what we expected. The newer brands didn’t all have a first-class social media strategy. By contrast there were great examples of solid social content strategy from some of the established brands.

Brand identity

Not all of the brands have managed to create a strong brand identity across their social feeds. This is one area where the disruptor brands don’t always do well.
When we discover examples of a good brand identity, we can identify the visual tactics that are being used to pull everything together.


Get the mix of own-content and third-party content right, and you create an interesting and high-value feed. Get it wrong and you’re left with a profile that feels ‘borrowed,’ fake and lacks integrity.


Most brands want to be seen as sleep experts, because sleep is a hot topic right now. Most brands use similar tactics, however there are big differences in the way this works for them.

Download your copy of The Social Content Audit for Mattress & Beds

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