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Essentials for effective retail video

So you want to create retail video to increase sales of your product online?

This post gives you a successful formula that you can use to plan the way you present your product in your retail videos.

Tell the customer what they want to know – not what you want to tell them

So much retail video is ineffective because it comes across as shallow and superficial. If you want to engage with customers on a deeper level, you need to know what questions they have about a product category when they are working through their purchase process.

This isn’t about telling them the obvious, creating a narrative that mirrors what they see, it is about framing a product around their needs, about creating honesty about a product so the shopper can understand what makes it different, what makes it useful or valuable to them. Taking this honest approach means you can create effective videos for individual products.

To give you an example, we were working on retail video scripts for a bedroom furniture range. A key product differentiator was storage. Not all products had the same amount of storage, yet the brief was trying to label everything with a generic positioning of ample storage, when this wasn’t the case – some products had lots of drawers and shelves others didn’t. When we persuaded the client to be honest about this, we could create meaningful scripts right across the range that would be a genuine help to shoppers to work out what best fit their needs and their tastes.

Keep attention levels high

If you want to keep your shoppers interested, there’s no room for self indulgence. Pay attention to the pace. Pay attention to the content, is it absolutely relevant and with real meaning or are you padding everything out with adjectives or fancy camera techniques? If you’re resorting to padding out the video to hit a respectable time length, then you’ve not worked out what the customer wants to know.

What’s your role in this?

As the retailer, what relationship do you want to have with your customers through your retail video? How are you planning to project that through the video? Retailers often want to be seen as experts in a category, or want to create trust in their customers. You can achieve different nuances with this according to the way you create and present your product video content. For example, do you have one of your team present to the viewer so you create a perception that all your employees are experts, or do you use an independent expert to build on the credibility of the respect you carry outside of your own business?

Don’t be afraid to tell them to buy what they see

So many product videos don’t have a call to action in them. But they should. In fact there’s no reason why you can’t have more than one, but the success of this depends on how you integrate this into the content and how you position it so that is helpful for the shopper and not pushy. There are many mechanics that you can use to remind them to buy and why to buy. Don’t just settle for letting your hard earned viewers just drift off after they’ve finished playing the video.

Know that you are engaging your customers with your content

Don’t just settle for the good feeling you get when you’ve created content your proud of. Rolling out product retail video across a large range is expensive, so make sure you’re in control of the way it is driving sales. Use video analytics to check engagement rates and viewing patterns. Use eye-tracking to get under the skin of how shoppers are viewing your content and make refinements to the edits to make the videos work harder for you.

Once you have created your content, you can re purpose it in many different ways to recycle content to get more value from it, and to give it a longer lifespan. If you’re doing this based on shopper analytics then you’re well on your way to creating a winning video formula to sell your products more effectively online.

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