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Small domestic appliance content

Driving share of voice with small domestic appliance content

The Soap Studios guide to creating effective, small domestic appliance content

Online sales for small domestic appliances are growing dramatically. In 2018 online sales will account for 34% of total sales, rising to 43% by 2021.

Aware of this online shift, small domestic appliance manufacturers are looking at their content to increase their share of online sales.

In this guide, we examine how small domestic appliance content can increase share of voice, and highlight the areas that manufacturers should build into their content programmes.

Visual Identity

Dyson were the first appliance brand to recognise the value of a strong visual identity. When they launched their bag-less vacuum range in the 90s, they disrupted the market with several tactics. These included technological innovation, showcasing the personality behind the brand and the use of iconic imagery.

Their visual identity endures today, working equally for a range that’s extended into hairdryers, heaters and fans.

A strong visual identity can be applied to all products across your range is one important way to stand out from the competition.

Many consumers will buy from retailers such as Argos.co.uk, currys.co.uk and very.co.uk, and have a lot of choice.

In these examples product lister pages, we see no evidence of strong imagery that helps products stand out:

Argos (irons range 72 products)


Argos PLP example

Argos Product Lister Page example

Currys (Irons Range 65 products)

Currys PLP Irons

Currys product lister page example


Very.co.uk (Iron range 112 products)

Very.co.uk PLP

Very.co.uk product lister page example

Manufacturer influence on image use in retail websites

With customers faced with so much choice, it’s important to look for ways to grab attention and present a strong image.

I think it’s fair to say that none of these images look particularly strong, nor stand out from the others.

The quality of these sites and the image resolution at this point in the journey isn’t something that the manufacturer can control. However, creating differentiation and impact with a strong product image is something that the manufacture has a direct influence on, as these sites generally use the manufactures own image.

Promoting upsell with product information

Encouraging customers to invest in higher priced products is something that all appliance manufacturers and retailers want to achieve.

The reality is that product information on websites is often confusing for shoppers and nor designed to really help the compare different product options.

Higher-price and lower-price products generally have similar content. When this is the case, shoppers don’t understand the value of the higher priced product and are less likely to buy it.

Product information comparison – Morphy Richards £19.99 vs £49.99 products

Price & product comparison

Price & product comparison

Differences appear minimal between the two products and it is not easy for customers to understand the benefits of the more expensive option.

Product information hierarchy

For small domestic appliance content, product information isn’t generally written with customer missions in mind. Information that is most important to customers isn’t prioritised and easy for them to find.

An example of this is cord length.

My personal biggest bugbear with my own iron is the fact that the cord isn’t quite long enough for the space I iron in. When I was looking for a new iron, I found it quite hard to get this information, yet cord length was an important requirement.

Finding the content gaps to drive conversion from product page

We know there is a relationship between product conversion and the volume of content included on web product pages.

Appliance brands and manufacturers need to focus on what information their customers want, then find the most efficient and effective ways of building it into the shopping journey.

Customers want product information that is relevant to their individual needs, which gives them the confidence to buy online.

After sales and customer relationships

Content has the power to reduce returns and after sales queries. Once a customer has bought a product, they may struggle to use it and get the best from it.

This means creating practical content which is accessible throughout the customer journey. Once created, it can be used tactically in post-sale communication to create happy and loyal customers.

Better small domestic appliance content with Soap Studios

If you’d like to speak to our team about improving your small domestic appliance content, please email tim@soapstudios.co.uk

About the author

Gabrielle O’Hare ran Argos in-house production studio and developed small domestic appliance content strategy for Argos product ranges to improve customer experience and to drive sales online.


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