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Bed and mattress content

Content for selling beds and mattresses

Content for selling beds & mattresses to improve channel performance, drive site traffic & conversion.

In this article, we explain what makes effective content for selling beds and mattresses. But first, we take a look at why this is the season for planning and creating bed and mattress content.

As we move into Autumn, consumers shift their attention from the garden to the home, and start to spend money on cosying up their home for winter.

Between packing the kids off to school and starting the Christmas shopping, we naturally enter a nestbuilding phase. We think ahead to the darker nights and colder weather and the fact that we’ll be spending more time indoors over the next few months.

Autumn bedroom sales spikes

In line with this, we see trends in consumer spending on products that make our homes more comfortable over the winter. Our bedrooms get a good share of this attention.

Retailers see spikes in sales of beds and bedroom furniture, bedding, electric blankets and curtains. Paid search advertising for mattresses starts to build steadily from August, peaking in November and December.

Argos 100-day mattress trial

As evidence that brands and retailers are getting ready to make the most out of the bedroom season, there’s been a glut of news stories in July and August for bed and mattress retailers. This includes the news that Argos have introduced a 100-night trial across the mattress range to challenge the success of the many online brands that have appeared recently. 

Online mattress sales overtake store transactions

This time last year, online mattress sales overtook store transactions. A surprising statistic given that sleep hygiene and comfort is such a hot topic right now. Surely we want to feel how comfortable our mattresses are before we buy them?

Seemingly not.

Comfort is still one of the major factors in our purchasing decision, at 56%, a close second to price at 58%.

The new genre of mattress brands have built a clever proposition around their products, which gives consumers the confidence to trust the product enough to buy it digitally. Video, image and copy content have a clear purpose to make products desirable and minimise risks or barriers to buying online. Make no mistake, this content is an important element of their success.

So what is effective content for selling beds and mattresses?

How can bed and mattress manufacturers use their content budgets more tactically to win greater market share in the bedroom season?

Increasing share of voice & conversion with content

Now is the perfect time to review your planning process, and make sure you’ll get harder-working, more effective content this season.

Here are some important considerations to factor into the process:

  1. Content which is targeted to customer segments and supports shopping missions to will drive more traffic to the top of funnel

People have many different purchase drivers and specific needs to address which drives their product choice. Your messaging has to start at this point.

  1. How are you showcasing your brand personality to get customers attention?

Generally speaking, there is a surprising lack of brand personality in content, but the new mattress brands have really nailed this.  Get clear on what’s special about your brand and build it into your content to give customers clear and compelling reasons to put you on their shortlist.

  1. Create content that helps shoppers understand and navigate your range, and make it easy for them to compare the differences between product options

The new mattress brands make it very easy for consumers, because they don’t have to navigate a range and pick an option. For brands and retailers who offer more choice, it’s really important to make it super-easy for shoppers to find the right option for them, and your content is the thing that will do this.

  1. Make sure product information clearly explains differently priced products so customers know what they are getting for their money

Consumers are happy with a price when they understand a product’s value because they know what they are getting for their money. Product image, video and copy are the tools that you have to make sure your shoppers know the difference between products and corresponding prices, so they make informed product decisions and feel happy with the price they pay.

  1. Clearly explain the comfort, feel and support offered for each product so shoppers are confident they’ve made the right choice.

If you want to create a competitive advantage, don’t rely on generic comfort messages for your products. Mattresses are technical products. The different materials, finishes and manufacturing techniques all give different sleeping experiences. Whilst manufactures and retailers know this, it’s rarely passed on to consumers, missing out on giving them valuable information when they are in the decision-making stage.

Get better content with Soap Studios

At Soap Studios, we use bespoke content planning tools, like the Content Sales Funnel to identify the content gaps across the customer journey to give you higher-value, more effective shoots and content creation process.

If you feel that your content could work harder to drive site visits and conversion, please email tim@soapstudios.com.

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