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Beautiful vs effective content

Beautiful vs effective content

Today, everyone and every brand can create beautiful images.

But how can we tell when beautiful content becomes effective content?

If they are working to strengthen your brand, build awareness of your product and engage your audiences?

To give you some insight into this, we’ve compared the social media images from Simba and Emma Mattresses.

Both post beautiful images on social media, but only one of them has a clear content strategy.

We’ve audited them against a set of criteria that we use to create effective content, and in this article, we summarise the key differences.

Brand vs influencer content

Many brands use influencer content to extend reach and add credibility to their products. However, getting the right balance is important if you want to develop your own identity and personality across your social feeds.

SIMBA. Balanced use of own images & third party and clear differentiation between the two.

EMMA. Not clear which is their content and which is third party.

Brand Identity

If you want stand out in the sea of social content, you need to develop a recognisable visual identity that ties back to your brand. 

SIMBA.  Strong brand identity across images, which is consistent and varied. Feels authentic and genuine.

EMMA. No clear identify across images. Heavy use of unattributed 3rd party images makes it feel ‘borrowed’ and lacks a genuine personality.

Product reference

Ultimately, brands have got to commercialise social content. Images and video should educate customers about your brand, range and products. The key is to understand how to build your products into your story. When you have no product story you have to seriously question the role of your content and how you are justifying production budgets.

SIMBA. The mattress is regularly shown clearly in images using a variety of techniques. There’s no doubt what the brand is about.

EMMA. The mattress is rarely featured in images and has no story in the context of the posts.

Audience engagement

When you get clarity in what you want to achieve from social channels you get effective content. The best measure of this is audience engagement.

SIMBA. Includes content which resonates with audiences, attracts lots of comments and shares.

EMMA. Little evidence of engagement tactics and generally low engagement levels.

The Social Media Content Audit – Beds & Mattresses

For a more in-depth review of the social content that brands like Emma and Simba are using and how effective it is, sign up to receive our audit. This also includes reviews of Casper, Eve, Dreams, Silentnight and Bensons.


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