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Bathrooms Content Planning

Bathroom Content Planning

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Bathroom content planning in online retail What are the different content experiences offered by key players in the bathroom market and what does best in market look like? To answer this, we’ve reviewed a selection of specialist online bathroom retailers and two big DIY retailers. We’ve looked at...

Social Media Budget

Social Media Budgets to Increase by 66%

Social media spend is accelerating, with a 66% increase forecast over the next 5 years. Today, 13.8% of brands’ total marketing budget is  being spent on social media, which is up from 9.8% in August 2017. Over the next 12 months, 16.3% of total marketing budgets will...

Social Media Content Production

Social Media Content Planning & Production

The Soap Guide to Great Social Media Content Social media is so content hungry, it’s an ongoing challenge to maintain a constant stream of effective content. It’s also hard to keep an eye on the bigger picture; your social media content strategy. This has come up a...

Content Planning Webinar

Content Planning Webinar Series

Join our regular, live content planning webinars and get insight and recommendations about how you can improve content for your site, social and marketing activity. Most content planning webinars will follow a similar format but will focus on a specific industry and sector. This approach allows...

Small domestic appliance content

Driving share of voice with small domestic appliance content

The Soap Studios guide to creating effective, small domestic appliance content Online sales for small domestic appliances are growing dramatically. In 2018 online sales will account for 34% of total sales, rising to 43% by 2021. Aware of this online shift, small domestic appliance manufacturers are looking...

Bed and mattress content

Content for selling beds and mattresses

In this article, we explain what makes effective content for selling beds and mattresses. But first, we take a look at why this is the season for planning and creating bed and mattress content....

Soap Studios SLA

What is Soap Studios SLA?

Content is an ambiguous term. At the end of the day, it is images, video or text that presents your brand to potential customers to drive sales and build awareness....

Content isn't Performing

Why your content isn’t working

If your content isn't working or you want to improve ROI, focus on how your brand creates valuable relationships with customers and set clear KPIs for each channel to optimise content performance....